Running Rampant! Cowboys Recap and Packers at Raiders Preview

Unofficial Packers Fan Podcast #096 – Wayne and Troy recap the exciting win over the Cowboys, and preview at our week fifteen match-up, in Oakland, taking on the Raiders.

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Topics for This Week’s Show

  • Wayne and Troy recap the many highs, and a couple of lows, from the Packers win over the Cowboys, at Lambeau Field.
  • Discuss How much like the FORCE all must be in balance.
  • Rejoice in the return of the run game.
  • Talk about the underrated stars of Sunday’s game.
  • And cover the big news of Coach McCarthy taking back over the play calling.
  • It’s the contract season.
  • Preview the game, in Oakland, against the Raiders
  • Mike Daniels gets 4-year $42 Million Dollar Contract  with a $12million dollar signing bonus.
  • Wayne and Troy predict the final score of the Packers at Raiders game.
  • We have updates on the injured packers.
  • publishes the game Dope Sheet, for each game. View the Packers vs Raiders dope sheet.
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The Packers Next Opponent

The 9-4 NFC North leading Packers spend the holiday on the road in their first of two road games against the Oakland Raiders. Still in the hunt for at least another week, Charles Woodson and company still have something to play for, even if it is only to spoil the Packers 5th straight division title hopes. Will the new Mcarthy balanced attack find success on foreign soil? How might Ty Montgomery, Janis, and Abberderis add to the mix? could we get an early christmas present and clinch a playoff birth this week? Join Wayne and Troy as they discuss things to look for in their Packers at Raiders preview, and even try to predict the game’s final score.

Packers At Raiders Preview

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