Falcons Recap and Bengals at Packers Preview

Unofficial Packers Fan Podcast #138 – Wayne and Troy share their thoughts on the Packers week two loss to the Falcons, and get ready for the Bengals at Packers matchup.

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Topics for This Week’s Show.

  • Wayne and Troy share what they loved, and loathed, from the loss to the Falcons.
  • Troy goes on a soapbox on deferring the coin toss.
  • Unlucky 13 players listed on the injury report.
  • We relive Packers Bengals memories of years long gone, but not forgotten.
  • We preview week 3, as the Packers head home to host the Bengals, at Lambeau Field.
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The Packers Next Opponent

The Packers square off against their first AFC opponent of the 2017 campaign when the Cincinnati Bengals roar into town? Will the injuries be too much to overcome? Will Rodgers come out with a chip and put up 40 points or more? Will everyone (including Troy) be able to survive the heat wave on Sunday? Be sure to read the dope sheet and play along at home as Wayne and Troy try to predict the final score in our Packers at Falcons preview. Kickoff is at 3:25 PM Central Time on Sunday September 24, 2017.

Bengals at Packers Preview

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