Packers Pre-Season Update and Eagles Preview

Unofficial Packers Fan Podcast #082 – Wayne and Troy talk about the Green Bay Packers pre-season issues, and the team’s unfortunate injuries!

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Topics for This Week’s Show

  • We do a little preseason testing on our own using a live video plus chat option for the podcast. You can view the replay and then please provide feedback if you like the concept.
  • Wayne and Troy share their highlights and lowlights during the Packers versus Eagles recap.
  • We also take a look at the injury report and see when Cobb will be back.
  • We talk about who is left still fighting for the roster of 53 after cut down phase 1.
  • We talk about Aaron Rodgers and why he was a healthy scratch from the Eagles game.
  • Finally look ahead at New Orleans and what the team needs to do in their final preparations before Chicago in week 1.
  • still publishes the game Dope Sheet, for each game. View the Saints vs Packers dope sheet.
  • You can also hear Troy on the smash hit The Blacklist Exposed podcast, with fellow Packers fan Aaron Peterson, on the Golden Spiral Media network.
  • Thanks to our dear friend, Remi LaVictoire from the SciFi Movie Podcast, for the amazing new intros he recorded and produced for the Packers Fan Podcast!
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The Packers Next Opponent

  • The Packers attempt a return to winning ways at home as the Packers take on the New Orleans Saints Thursday September 3rd at 6PM CT.


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