The Coin Didn’t Flip. Packers at Cardinals Recap.

Unofficial Packers Fan Podcast #101 – Wayne and Troy recap the playoff overtime loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

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Topics for This Week’s Show

  • Wayne and Troy recap the good and bad, from the Packers loss to the Cardinals.
  • We discuss the gift of the post season Davante Adams.
  • Discuss why The Coin Didn’t Flip, and OT formats
  • Share our favorite moments of the 2015 Campaign
  • Wayne and Troy discuss what’s ahead in free agency.
  • We have updates on Randall Cobb
  • Discuss the coaching staff and what changes may be coming
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The NFL’s Greatest Play of 2015

To be able to witness an effective “Hail Mary” pass in one’s lifetime as a fan to win a game is an amazing feeling. To see it happen twice in one season, well that’s beyond words. I think all of us will remember where we were when Aaron Rodgers gave us just a little more hope as he heaved the pigskin to the one man that was underutilized all season. Our season may be over, but for a 2nd half full of adversity, to see Rodgers and company rise to the occasion to us they went out as champions!

The Coin Didn't Flip

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