A Starks Difference! Packers at Panthers Recap and Lions at Packers Preview

Unofficial Packers Fan Podcast #091 – Wayne and Troy recap the good and bad from the Packers loss to the Panthers, and preview our week ten match-up, hosting the Detroit Lions.

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Topics for This Week’s Show

  • Wayne and Troy recap the good and the bad from the Packers loss to the Panthers in Carolina.
  • The NFC North will be won in the next four weeks!
  • James Starks should be in on every play
  • Is Aaron holding onto the ball too long?
  • Wayne and Troy predict the final score of the Lions at Packers game.
  • We have updates on the latest Packers injuries.
  • Packers.com publishes the game Dope Sheet, for each game. View the Lions vs Packers dope sheet.
  • You can also hear Troy on The Blacklist Exposed podcast, with fellow Packers fan Aaron Peterson, on the Golden Spiral Media network.
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The Packers Next Opponent

The 6-2 Packers return home finally, desperately looking for a win over a team that has not won on Wisconsin soil since the Bush administration, the first Bush that is. Have the Packers of old returned with their reviving offense in the 4th quarter against Carolina? Will the 40 point threshold be crossed at home once again? What is the over under on Matthew Stafford Interceptions? Wayne and Troy discuss things to look for in their Lions at Packers preview, and even try to predict the game’s final score.

A Starks Difference

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