Your Packers Fan Podcast was a finalist in the Podcast Awards last year, and we couldn’t have done that without you! The 12th Annual People’s Choice Podcast Awards are open for nominations until July 31, 2017, and we would be honored to have your support again this year!

Nominations are open July 1-31, 2017. You can only submit nominations once, so gather all your favorites to submit at the same time.

Some of our other favorite podcasts that you could nominate, at the same time as the Packers Fan Podcast:

  • People’s Choice – Remake This Movie Right!
  • Arts – Resourceful Designer
  • Business – Beyond The To Do List
  • Entertainment – The Blacklist Exposed
  • Games – The Gaming Outsider
  • News &Politics – Consider This
  • Sports – Packers Fan Podcast
  • TV& Film – Beyond Westworld

Thank you for your nomination, and Go Pack Go!

Wayne and Troy